Südafrika in Wort und Bild

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Elizabeth Kott grew up in South Africa in the 50s as a real Boer girl where she spent a happy childhood. Her language was, and still is Afrikaans. The book first was meant as a way of dealing with the past to try and accept the loss of their farm. It appears in German and English. Fictional topics are included as novel.


As a young girl she was taken out of the beautiful area of Stellenbosch in South Africa when her parents migrated, into the harsh reality of southern Sweden where she first had the trouble of learning Swedish and following classes at school. The long spells of darkness of the Swedish winter made her longing for Sunny South Africa almost unbearable.

Via many detours through Holland and Belgium she returned to South Africa but did not stay there. With her German husband, with whom she was happily married for 35 years, she lived in Germany until he unexpectedly died.


The author describes the loss of their farm, and her childhood memories bring the reader to South Africa of the 50s. The wonderful descriptions of the landscape, give the reader the wish to visit this beautiful country himself. The little stories, lovingly told and mingled with anecdotes she experienced as a child, make this book worthwhile.

Waterfalls, A Farm in South Africa



The novel is divided into three parts, past, present and future. The past carries the reader to South Africa of the author’s childhood and describes the carefree life on the farm in beautiful landscape images. (For easier reading these parts have been put in italics).

The fictional part is related to the possible loss of the farm Waterfalls by a dam of a reservoir, and the search for traces of destruction in the name of “progress”.

The book contains many autobiographical elements. Especially the trip she had experienced exactly as described with her late husband.

The trip was like almost everything in her life full of adventure and vividly describes the life of the Turks.


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